Bolton Quaker Meeting House is owned and managed by Bolton Quakers as their place of worship in Bolton. Although it’s a centre for worship, Quakers do not believe buildings are special in themselves. The building is plain (Quakers put great emphasis on simplicity) and light. Quakers worship in silence, and believe that in silent waiting all can draw nearer to God and to the spirit that unites all people.

Users often comment on the building’s peaceful atmosphere but it’s a fairly robust place too! Quakers believe that people’s personal beliefs should influence their daily lives and seek to live with integrity. They look to discover the good in all people and so see no conflict in having their place of worship used by a wide variety of groups for discussion, debate, entertainment and fun!

Bolton Quaker Meeting House has 5 rooms and the concourse available for hire.

Ground Floor

  • Main Meeting Room
  • John Woolman Room
  • Garden Room
  • Concourse

Please note that there are 15 stairs up to these rooms and there is no lift.

  • George Fox Room
  • Elizabeth Fry Room

We hire rooms to a wide variety of groups – voluntary, statutory and commercial, from Monday to Thursday, 9.00am to 4.00pm and each of the evenings from 7pm.

The rooms are all carpeted, light and functional. We can provide rooms for the smallest group up to a maximum of 100. All rooms can be set up theatre style with maximum chairs, café or training style with numerous table layouts, and also board room style with everyone seated around tables together.

In the information given, a session is one morning or one afternoon.
Charity and voluntary organisations pay a reduced rate.

More information can be optained from: boltonquakers.co.uk

To book a room:
Contact the warden by phone on: 01204 528616.
Or send an E-mail to:- lettings@bolton.pendlehillquakers.org.uk