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7:30 pm – 9:00 pm followed by tea/coffee

2nd July
 Barry and Peter Mills
Conscientious objection, tribunals and Friends Ambulance Unit  in World War Two
9th July
 Jon Steele
Images of disability – is all as it seems?
16th July
Keith Whittaker
Moses wrote about me
23rd July
Do we still Quake?
An opportunity for thought and discussion, based on a paper by Pam Lunn

 Led by Mary Winder

30th July
Just something
Please bring an object, a book, a song or just yourself – anything you wish to share with friends
6th Aug
 Gill Smart
Chaplaincy in a multi faith world
13th Aug
20th Aug
 Mey Hasbrook
Transformative Earth Care: 18th-Century Benjamin Lay for Today
27th Aug
Malcolm Pittock
‘The Other House’
The Social Significance of Henry James’ novel about an upperclass child murder