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Talks & Thoughts

7.30 pm – 8.30pm via Zoom

Talks and Thoughts is all about friendly discussion, in-depth conversation, or just listening. Subjects range from current affairs and social issues to religion, philosophy and literature.  These reflect the diversity of interests within the group. We explore together our views of the world and welcome everyone. If you would like more information please contact Bernie at

Programme for April-June 2020

28th Apr
Gordon Benson
Quakers and Sustainability: a national and local response to Climate Emergency and sustainability.
5th May
Bernie Jordan/Peter Street
Readings of poems from Peter’s new book, ‘Earth Talk’
12th May
Peter Mills/Barry Mills
Issues around 5G mobile phone network/Friends Ambulance Unit in World War 2
19th May
Shared discussion- bring ideas linked to the lines from The Lord’s Prayer, “Bring us not to the time of testing, but deliver us from evil.”
26th May
Gordon Benson
Meeting for Suffering- how it works and what is involved in being an Area Meeting representative.
2nd June
Planning: A chance to review the previous Talks and Thoughts and share ideas for more.
9th June
Keith Whittaker
Quaker Faith and Practice ideas to share OR William Blake
16th June
Bernie Jordan
Transformation- talk and discussion based on the Swarthmore Lecture given by Ben Dandelion in 2014.
23rd June
Open discussion
Leonardo Da Vinci’s depiction of the Last Supper. What does the choice of this moment show?

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If you are joining by phone, the ID is 515 333 136