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Talks & Thoughts

7.30 pm – 8.30pm via Zoom

Talks and Thoughts is all about friendly discussion, in-depth conversation, or just listening. Subjects range from current affairs and social issues to religion, philosophy and literature.  These reflect the diversity of interests within the group. We explore together our views of the world and welcome everyone. If you would like more information please contact Bernie at

Programme of Topics

Shared discussion
Bring ideas on the theme of crime and punishment.
Keith Whittaker
 Are the Gospel parables enlightening?
1st Sept
Derek Almond /Open discussion
Spiritual Experience .
8th Sept
David Nuttall/Open discussion
What would Quakers 300 years from now make of us and how would we defend ourselves?
15th Sept
Karston Wedgewood
Visiting the West Bank
22nd Sept
Themes from Swarthmore Lecture 2020 – ‘Openings to the Infinite Ocean: A Friendly Offering of Hope’ by Tom Shakespeare
29th Sept
Philip Austin
Black Lives Matter – some perspectives
6th Oct.
A chance to review the previous Talks and Thoughts and share ideas for the next programme
13th Oct.
Malcolm Pittock
Ghost lore and the ghost in Hamlet
20th Oct.
Warren Elf
Creation in Genesis 
27th Oct.
Wendy Pattinson
Bringing children into the centre: talk based on QF&P 21.01 and Blackhouse Lecture 2014
3rd Nov.
Mary Graham
Older people’s mental health in lockdown and access to technology
10th Nov.
Gordon Benson
Practical action- the Eco Church Movement in the UK and church Eco Award scheme.

Via Zoom-  

If you are joining by phone, the ID is 515 333 136