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Talks & Thoughts

7.30 pm – 8.30pm via Zoom

Talks and Thoughts is all about friendly discussion, in-depth conversation, or just listening. Subjects range from current affairs and social issues to religion, philosophy and literature.  These reflect the diversity of interests within the group. We explore together our views of the world and welcome everyone. If you would like more information please use the email below:

Programme of Topics

22nd June

Bring and share with the group-

Poetry to soothe or stir.

29th June

Members of Pendle Area Peace group

On the theme of Peace.

6th July

Keith Whittaker

Parables and Paradise Lost.

13th July

The relevance of social fragmentation and the need for social transformation in relation to climate change. 

20th July

Derek Almond

Magna Carta- Do we need it today?

27th July

Warren Elf

Abraham the father of Judaism. 

3rd August

Derek Whyte

The Preston model of Community Wealth Building.

10th August

Planning session.

A time to review previous talks and help to plan.

17th August

Malcolm Pittock

F.R. Leavis: Dickens and Hard Times.

24th August

Philip Austin- a chance to share our music choices.

31st August

Bernie Jordan

Faith, hope and climate concern.

Via Zoom-  

If you are joining by phone, the ID is 515 333 136