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Talks and Thoughts on Tuesdays

7:30pm – 9:00pm

followed by tea/coffee

26th February

Gordon Benson

Did the Manchester Conference of 1895 lead inevitably to Non-theism?

5th March

Bernie Jordan

Environmental campaigning: seeing globally from a personal perspective

12th March

Keith Whittaker

‘God, Words and Us’ in other words

19th March

Gill Smart

Chaplaincy in a multi faith world

26th March

Malcolm Pittock

 Post Modernism and the Death of Value

2nd April

Boyd  Lee

Laurie Baker’s “Mud brick buildings and other low energy buildings”

9th April


16th April

Mary Graham

Sharing favourite passages from Quaker Faith and Practice for Discussion

23rd April

Thoughts for Easter: bring poems, pictures and ideas, or just come and join with others

30th April

Gordon Benson

Meeting for Sufferings: what is its purpose and how does it operate?