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Talks & Thoughts

7.30 pm – 8.30pm via Zoom

Talks and Thoughts is all about friendly discussion, in-depth conversation, or just listening. Subjects range from current affairs and social issues to religion, philosophy and literature.  These reflect the diversity of interests within the group. We explore together our views of the world and welcome everyone. If you would like more information please use the email below:

Programme of Topics

7th Sep

Barry Mills

Culture wars and Christian ethics with reference to Swarthmore Lecture ‘Kinder Ground: Creating Space for Truth.’

14th Sep

Catherine de Neergaard

Focussing on the Canterbury Minute of 2011, how has Yearly Meeting Gathering addressed our commitments and testimonies in response to the climate crisis? 

21st Sep

 Leonard Joy

In the face of the global climate and ecological emergency a critical need for major economic repurposing has been identified by the Quaker think tank ‘Institute for the Future.’

28th Sep

Bring and share with the group-

Poetry to soothe or stir.

5th Oct

Karston Wedgewood

Visiting the Holy Land- a biblical perspective.

12th Oct

Keith Whittaker

Concepts of Quaker Leadership.

19th Oct

Wendy Pattinson

Healthcare:  a double-edged scalpel?

Modern medicine is amazing, but does it sometimes raise false hopes and prolong suffering?  

Access to medical treatment and care around the world is unequal and dependant on wealth.  Ever-growing health demands raise issues of resource use.  

People’s attitudes towards medical treatment are rooted in their belief systems. 

26th Oct

Planning session.

A time to review previous talks and plan the next programme.

2nd Nov

Gordon Benson

The history of vegetarianism.

9th Nov

Malcolm Pittock

Mrs. Gaskell’s North and South.

16th Nov

Peter Street

The Red Brick Wall and my autism.

Via Zoom-  

If you are joining by phone, the ID is 515 333 136